From the start of company's activity
in 2004 both our Company
and its employees have taken part
in numerous projects including
ship lifting, aquatory inspections
and bottom interventions, repair
and maintenance of hydrotechnical
installations, inspections, repairs and
servicing of vessels, and also
in a number of projects related to
development of construction drawings
and documents and completion of
general construction works.


We have worked with the leading
companies in the area like:

Russian Railways, OJSC
Murmansk Fishing Seaport, OJSC
Murmansk Commercial Seaport, OJSC
MurmanskVodoKanal, a Regional State Enterprise
Norilsk Nickel, OJSC
Zvyozdochka Ship Building Center, OJSC
Atomflot, a Federal State Enterprise
First Murmansk Terminal, LLC
Rosnefteflot, CJSC
Gazpromneft-Shelf, LLC
ICC Eurochem, OJSC
Fertoing, LLC

Drilling in Kola Bay;
Manufacturing of pontoons for Shipyard 82;
Installation of anchoring chains
for FSO Kola;