Our company operates 4 diving stations of various, that may be fit into vehicle, floating vessel or transport container pending the type of project configurations and the mobile decompression system

Diving stations include:

- SuperLight helmets

- KMB, AGA bend masks

- umbilicals

- Viking, Bare, Poseidon, Aqualung dry suits

- LW170D, Nordi Pacific high and medium pressure air compressors

- air bottles 7 to 40 l

- breath regulators

- Com Box Single Diver Intercom underwater communication stations

- miscellaneous

Used for underwater operations are:

- underwater digital photography and CCTV video underwater photo and videocases, BVTB underwater digital television block, cable digital video cameras as a part of every umbilical set

- CaviBlaster 1222 underwater cavitation cleaning machine

- underwater lightning systems Sony Marin Pack HVL-80DA

- wet welding and oxy arc cutting sets with Broco or thermic lances

- dredging (monitors, suction units) and air lifting machinery

- Cygnus underwater ultrasonic thickness measurement units

- mobile diesel and bensine power generators 1 to 50 kWt

- mobile decompression system (20 ft container version)

- portable radio stations

- cranes, jacks, tackles and all sorts of cargo lifting devices


Production facility makes a solid base for stable construction and repair performance, which contains:

- Metal workshop (set of processing machines, welding, cutting and bending equipment, sand and water jet cleaning and painting devices)

- Service and repair workshop for automobile, construction, underwater tools and machinery

- Storage and technical premises

- Set of transportable modules to arrange diving stations, living quarters, work shops, etc at the project locations


All sorts of transportations involved in Companys operation are provided by the following park:

- All wheel drive UAZ, Gazelle, GAZ 3308 SADKO vehicles; Ford Transit bus

- Volvo, Komatsu crawler excavators

- Volvo dumper trucks; platform trucks, low loader

- JBL, CombiLIft loaders

- Hyundai truck mounted manipulator crane (15 t)

- Boat transportation trailers

- Transportable air compressors and power generators