Construction and repair of marine and river hydrotechnical installations and bridges

- Technical underwater operations (wet welding and oxy arc cutting, hydraulic tool works)
- Survey of seabed/riverbed and hydrotechnical constructions
- Rock bed screed, concrete block installation
- Underwater concrete casting (using EMACO and MASTERSEAL compounds)
- Installation, diagnostic and maintenance of underwater sections of cables and pipelines
- Maintenance of hydraulic constructions (restoration of pile walls’ integrity, installation and maintenance of fenders and drainage)
- Cavity cleaning of hydraulic constructions
- Bottom interventions (dredging and hydraulic depositing)
- Inspection and maintenance of bridge pillars
- Weir construction, bank protection
- Underwater ultrasonic thickness measurements
- Underwater digital photography and CCTV video
- Seabed cleaning, items recovery
- Anchorage installations
- Maintenance of hydro power plants and conduits, installation of fish protection
- Hydrographic survey

In Water Operations and Distress Assistance

- In Water Survey of ships and offshore constructions under RS attendance
- Ultrasonic thickness measurements, including In Water Measurement
- Inspection of distressed vessel, whether afloat or grounded
- Cleaning of seachests and propellers from fouling, replacement of propeller
- Inspection of breaches, foddering
- Dewatering of sunken compartments
- Towing of disabled vessel to an accommodation, planning of towing operation

Ship lifring operations

- Diving and ROV inspection of sunken objects, litinf operation planning
- Recovery preparations (washing out slinging channels, slinging the lifting pontoons to the wreck, sealing of wreck’s hull and deck, installation of wrecking hoses and pumps)
- Lifting of wrecks and any items
- Towage of wreck to safe accomodation


- engineering and development of technological solutions for construction and repairs of hydrotechnical installations, bridges, various underwater operations
- engineering of lifting operations

Supply and rent of construction equipment and machinery

- dumper trucks, excavators, semitrailers, low loaders
- loading equipment – truck mounted manipulator crane, front loaders (shovel, forklift)
- diesel generators, air compressors
- supply and service of hydraulic handtools – pumping stations, hammers, saws, bores and drills, jacks, mechanical and cavitation cleaning tools

Fleet services

- time hire and various services by Company’s vessels – tugboat, hopper barge, special diving boat, motor boats, speedboats, pontoon boat

Expertise and certification

- arrangement of complex servicing, expertise and certification of hydrotechnical installations and floating docks