Construction and repair of marine and river bridges and hydrotechnical installations

- underwater technical operations (underwater welding and oxy-electrical cutting, mechanical tool operations)
- inspection of bottom and hydrotechnical installations
- rubble base levelling, concrete blocks installation
- underwater concrete casting (using EMACO and MASTERSEAL compounds)
- installation, diagnosing and repairs of cable and pipeline underwater crossings
- repairs of hydrotechnical installations (pile walls impermeability restoration, repair and installation of fenders, drainage renovation)
- cavity cleaning of hydrotechnical installations
- dredging and hydraulic filling (maintenance dredging, depth restoration, depositing site arrangement)
- inspection and repair of bridge pillars
- construction of dams and banks protections
- underwater ultrasonic thickness measurements
- underwater photo- and video recording
- bottom cleaning, lifting of objects
- installation of anchorage equipment
- maintenance of hydro power plants, water intakes, installation of fish protections
- hydrographic sounding

Diving operations and emergency assistance

- Underwater hull inspection under attendance of RS, DNV, Lloyd's Register inspectors
- underwater ultrasonic thickness measurements
- inspection of disabled vessel afloat and aground
- cleaning of sea chests, propellers, replacement of propellers afloat
- inspection of damage, damage foddering
- pumping water from sunken compartments
- engineering of towing operation, towing disabled vessel to a shelter

Ship lifting operations

- diving inspection of sunk vessel, engineering of lifting operation
- diving operation ahead of the lifting operation (washing tunnels for slinging, slinging the lifting pontoons to a sunk vessel, sealing of hull and deck, installation of pumping equipment and other related activities)
- lifting of sunk vessel in accordance with engineering project
- towing of lifted object to the point of destination


- engineering and development of technologies for construction and repair of hydrotechnical installations and bridges, as well as all types of underwater operations
- engineering of ship lifting operations

Special fleet services

- dredging and filling to planned depth
- hydrographic surveys
- contruction and repair of hydrotechnical installations
- ship lifting
- underwater technical operations
- diving works
- drilling and exploration

Supplies and services by sonstruction machinery and equipment

- dumper trucks, excavators, low loaders, platform semi-trailers
- loading machines - scaffold trucks, front loaders (forklift/bucket)
- diesel generators, compressors
- supply and service of hydraulic equipment - pumping stations, saws, bores, hammers, mechanical and cavity cleaning tools