Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.

George Bernard Shaw "Man and Superman"

It just seemed easy. Thinking carefully, giving a due weight to your chances, trying to figure out if the experience was relevant, if knowledge was enough, or would the connections work all that was not too hard in fact. I had all the picture in front of me, I could simply go ahead, evaluate and make my decision. All through my career in Russian Navy, lots of tasks had required decisions, all of them being way more complicated than this one.

The most crucial decision though was to take on responsibility. Not for myself, but for my team. I had to be sure that I would be able without the all mighty Navy behind my back, all by myself this time to provide my team with safe and efficient work. I needed to rely on the system I was about to build to have every tool working smoothly, every document coming in and out duly, every person enjoying his work. I needed to know that I would be able to fulfill all obligations in time and quality, and my business partners would trust me their most sophisticated missions. I wanted to guarantee that a career in my company would mean timely salary and a self-respect.

So I made my decision and took on the responsibility. Since 2007 we have been growing as an engineering company, capable of developing and completing all sorts of projects anywhere in hydrosphere.

Our major field of activity is underwater operations on any floating vessels, as well as engineering, maintenance and construction of hydrotechnical installations. Our staff has an extensive experience in lifting of sunken vessels, towing and marine rescue operations, constructing and repairing of hydrotechnical installations. We have all necessary machinery and equipment to operate effectively on the shore and in water, to deliver and relocate personnel, cargoes and materials, to provide instrumental control and diagnostics, complete all sorts of engineering and construction operations.

And even though it is no way easy, we make a new step forward every single day.

With regards,

Nikita Kuritsin

General Director

Barents Marine Engineering